Whistleblower Claims


Mr. Parnes handles whistleblower claims in the workplace. To prevail: (1) the employee must report some form of illegal conduct by the employer to a public agency, participate in an investigation and/or testify against the employer ,(2) the employer must know that the employee has been involved as a whistleblower and (3) the employer takes an adverse action in retaliation of the employee being a whistleblower.

Elliot will advise individuals of their legal rights and options, file the necessary legal documents, appear at depositions, and attend all court hearings and trial.

The statute of limitations in which to file a whistleblower claim in court is only 90 days from the date of the adverse employment action. This is the shortest statute of limitations for any civil claim in Michigan

Representation is generally based on a percentage contingency fee but may be based upon an hourly rate.